flashgc_x86 (by Guhl) based on flashgc (by scorgon)

flashgc_x86 is a tool to create a goldcard for the HTC android phones on your linux x86 pc. It is mainly intended to be used together with a external card reader. The intention of the tool is to be able to create a goldcard for your phone in the case that you can not use the phone itself anymore (i.e. bootloops) but you know the CID of the sdcard.

It creates the goldcard image standalone and writes it either to a file or a block device that contains the micro-sdcard.


flashgc_x86 is licensed under the GPL v3.

Its source code can be found at

Please respect the license!

Mini How-To

  • Download flashgc that is in the attachments of this page and copy it to your x86 PC running linux.
  • Put the sdcard in the card reader and determine its block device (usually /dev/sd<a..z>).
  • Find the CID of your sdcard i.e. by putting it into another phone and using a tool like GoldcardHelper.
  • Create and flash the goldcard image to the sdcard using a command like (assuming that you know the reversed CID and the device is /dev/sdb):
    ./flashgc_x86 --cid-reverse 6ebb0078dc87751030303030304d531b --out /dev/sdb

flashgc_x86 and its options

flashgc usage:
	./flashgc_x86 [options]
	--help				Print this help message and exit.
	--cid-file <cid file>		Read CID from file <cid file>.
	--cid-forward <cid>		Use the normal (not reversed) CID <cid>.
	--cid-reverse <reverse cid>	Use the already reversed CID <reverse cid>.
	--out <out file>		Write to file (or block device) <out file>.
	--backupfile <file>		Create a backup of the current MBR to file <file>.
	--restore <backup image>	Restore backup image to sd-card.
	--dumpgc			Dump gold-card image to the file goldcard.img.

Note Running flashgc_x86 without options will try to read the CID from file /sys/block/mmcblk1/device/cid, generate and install the goldcard image to location /dev/block/mmcblk1.

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