# echo www-apps/trac cgi sqlite vhosts >> /etc/portage/packages.use
# emerge trac


# mkdir -p /var/lib/trac/web1/project1
# chown -R apache:root /var/lib/trac/web1
# trac-admin /var/lib/trac/web1/project1 initenv (use default values)

You may now configure the environment by editing the file: /var/lib/trac/web1/project1/conf/trac.ini

Create a http password file by:

htpasswd2 -c /var/lib/trac/web1/trac.htpasswd admin

In ISPConfig go to the site ( and enter something like the following into the field "Apache Directives (Optional)":

        ScriptAlias /trac /var/www/web1/cgi-bin/trac.cgi
        <Location /trac>
                SetEnv TRAC_ENV_PARENT_DIR "/var/lib/trac/web1" 
        <Location /trac/project1/login>
                AuthType Basic
                AuthName "Trac"
                AuthUserFile /var/lib/trac/web1/trac.htpasswd
                Require valid-user
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