echo www-apps/mediawiki mysql vhosts imagemagick >> /etc/portage/package.use
emerge -v mediawiki

Install in vhost

webapp-config -I -h -d mediawiki mediawiki 1.11.2

webapp-config displays the following post-installation instructions (TO BE DONE!!!)


1. Completing setup:

To complete installation cd into the MediaWiki install location, but
make sure to start mysql first.

$ /etc/init.d/mysql start
$ cd /var/www/

Then temporarily make the MediaWiki /config directory writable
to the user the web server is running as. The quickest way is 
to make the directory world writable. For example:

$ chmod a+w config
Then access it via a web browser, for example:

lynx http://rp.thinkthinkdo.commediawiki/config/
2. After setup move the newly created LocalSettings.php from the config/
directory to the main mediawiki directory, for example:
$ mv config/LocalSettings.php .

Remember to restore safe permissions to the MediaWiki config/ and 
LocalSettings.php (which contains clear-text passwords).

$ chmod a-w config
$ chmod ug=r,o=  LocalSettings.php
$ chown root:apache LocalSettings.php

After these steps MediaWiki should be accesable at
3. Enabling Optional Features:

If you wish to enable image uploads then you must manually edit the
LocalSettings.php file to uncomment the $wgEnableUploads line.  
If MediaWiki was built with the imagemagick USE-flag the directory
permissions are correct, otherwise you must install ImageMagick and
also adjust permissions on the images directory to allow the server
to write. For example:
$ chown apache:apache /var/www/

Math Support:

If you wish to enable the math support then you must manually edit" 
the LocalSettings.php file to uncomment the $wgUseTeX line.
MediaWiki must have been built with the math USE-flag enabled or the
necessary support executable will not be present.
You may also have to execute

$ texconfig dvips printcmd -

if you have not configured tetex before.

4. Things you need to have on the server:

- SQL database of your choice and support for that database compiled in PHP
We check for required PHP features for mysql and postgres use flags in the ebuild;
you are on your own if you are using a different kind of DB backend.
- dev-php/PEAR-Mail is needed for using external smtp server.

These are not installed as dependencies since it is possible to run the database
and other services on other machines.

It is very important that you follow all the major versions upgrade instructions 
from the web page - 

Do not, I repeat, do not assume that we can upgrade from version to version just
like this. Make backups before upgrading.

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