Installing Gallery


echo www-apps/gallery gd imagemagick unzip vhosts zip mysql >> /etc/portage/package.use
emerge www-apps/gallery

Install in vhost

webapp-config -I -h -d gallery gallery 2.3

Output by webapp-config


For new installations:

1. Create a directory to share photos and make it writeable by the web server.

2. Create a database for Gallery 2.
	MySQL: 	mysqladmin -uroot create gallery2
		mysql gallery2 -uroot -e"GRANT ALL ON gallery2.* TO
		username@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'password'"
	PostgreSQL:	createdb gallery2 -E UNICODE
		if that doesn't work, try
		createdb gallery2 -E SQL_ASCII
			if that doesn't work either, try
			createdb gallery2

3. Now browse to

NOTE: The installer may complain that FfmpegToolkit.class has been modified.
This is normal, as we patch it to fix a bug with newer versions of ffmpeg.

For upgrades:

1. Copy over your config.php and the g2data directory.

2. If you are using a PHP accelerator, flush its cache.

3. Browse to and follow the



To be done !

cd /var/www/web1/web
mkdir pictures
chown apache:web1 pictures
mysqladmin -uroot -p create web1_gallery2
mysql web1_gallery2 -uroot -p -e"GRANT ALL ON web1_gallery2.* TO web1_gallery2@localhost IDENTIFIED BY '<password>'"

Now browse to

Gallery Install

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