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gfree (by scotty2)

See for instructions.


Short guide how to verify that gfree worked.

Download and unpack and unpack it un your PC.

Copy gfree_verify to the phone:

adb push gfree_verify /data/local

Get a shell

adb shell

In the shell

cd /data/local
chmod 777 gfree_verify
stop ril-daemon

You should see this output:

gfree verify_cid returned: 
@CID: 11111111


gfree verify_secu_flag returned: 
@secu_flag: 0


gfree verify_simlock returned: 


Start the ril-daemon again by using

start ril-daemon

(or reboot your phone)

new gfree version containded in

The new gfree version can be used to go back to S-ON and to set the CID back to whatever 8-character string you want.

It is still to be tested so use it with care.

gfree usage:
gfree [-h|-?|--help] [-v|--version] [-s|--secu_flag on|off]
	-h | -? | --help: display this message
	-v | --version: display program version
	-s | --secu_flag on|off: turn secu_flag on or off
	-c | --cid <CID>: set the CID to the 8-char long CID
	-S | --sim_unlock: remove the SIMLOCK

	-f | --free_all: same as --secu_flag off --sim_unlock --cid 11111111

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