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This page describes how to create a FIT file for a run-walk-run training and use it with a Garmin Coach "Jeff" trainings plan

Magic Mile calculator

The attachment 'R-W-R_Calculation_Template.ods' it a simple calculation sheet to calculate the R-W-R parameters based on the magic mile pace. This is how to use it

  • In the Sheet 'MM' fill either the minutes and seconds for the mile in the cells I4,J4 or if it's easier enter the minutes and seconds for the first 1k in the cells A2,B2 and for the remaining 0.61k in A3,B3
  • The target pace (in s/km will be calculated for the half marathon in cell E11
  • In sheet 'R-W-R' this target pace is used in the cells K2,K3 to calculate the upper/lower pace limit for the Run sequence
  • Maintain the values in cells F2,G2 and F4,G4 for the duration of the run and the walk interval.
  • Maintain the desired distance in cell I7
  • The needed result values are provided in the following cells
    • N2,N4: duration of the run and walk intervals in s
    • M2,M3: lower and upper pace limit of the run intervals in m/s
    • I8: Number of repeats of the R-W-R sequence

Training file

prepare the CSV-File

The attachment rwr_template.csv is a template to create a training file for the R-W-R session. One has to maintain the values in the following cells (if you open the CSV in a spreadsheet application):

  • E3: serial number (this is the workoutId of the scheduled workout -> see below on how to find the serial number of the scheduled training)
  • H7: a meaningfull workout name - that will be shown on the device later
  • E10: duration of the run sequence in seconds (= N2 from R-W-R_Calculation)
  • K10: low speed in m/s (= M2 from R-W-R_Calculation)
  • N10: high speed in m/s (= M3 from R-W-R_Calculation)
  • E11: duration of the walk sequence in seconds (= N4 from R-W-R_Calculation)
  • H12: number of repeats of the R-W sequences (= I8 from R-W-R_Calculation)

Find the serial number of the scheduled training

There are two ways how to get the serial number of the scheduled training. One is from the fit-file on the watch and one is from the calendar on the connect web-application. I will not be very detailed here but one should be able to figure it out.

From the fit-file

  • connect the watch to the computer in MTP mode and get the scheduled workout file from the /Primary/GARMIN/Workouts/Schedule/ directory (I normally know the correct one from the creation date)
  • use the Garmin FIT-SDK to convert this to a csv file using the command

java -jar /opt/install/garmin/FitSDKRelease_21.47.00/java/FitCSVTool.jar where '/opt/install/garmin/FitSDKRelease_21.47.00' is the installation path of the FIT-SDK and is the FIT-file from the device

  • in the resulting CSV file look for the string serial_number. If you open the CSV with a spreadsheet application the value should be in E3

From the calendar in the Web-App

The following description is for the current Chrome browser.

  • go to an navigate to the calendar
  • In Chrome select the 'More tools -> Developer Tools' (Ctrl-Shit_I) and in these tools select the 'Network' section
  • Then click on the schedule item in the calendar and click on the 'NextWorkout?athletePlanId=....' item. In the panel to the right choose the 'Preview' Section and the look for the workoutId

create the FIT-File

Convert the CSV-file to a FIT-file and store it on the watch

  • use your prepared CSV-file and convert it to a FIT file using the Garmin FIT-SDK by using the command

java -jar /opt/install/garmin/FitSDKRelease_21.47.00/java/FitCSVTool.jar -c rwr_template.csv

  • connect the watch to the computer in MTP mode and either
    • replace the right file in the /Primary/GARMIN/Workouts/Schedule/ with your fit file
    • copy your fit file to the /Primary/GARMIN/Workouts directory then it will just show with the name that you specified in H7 of the CSV file and you can select it when doing the next scheduled training instead of the original one

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