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flashgc (by skorgon)

flashgc is a tool for the HTC android phones to create a goldcard directly on the phone without the use of a external card reader or external service.

It creates the goldcard image standalone and writes it to the micro-sdcard that is in the phone.


flashgc is licensed under the GPL v3.

It's source code can be found at

Please respect the license!

Mini How-To

Download flashgc that is in the attachments of this page and copy it to your platform-tools directory.

temp-root your phone and then do from a terminal / command window from within your platform-tools directory:

adb push flashgc /data/local/tmp
adb shell
cd /data/local/tmp

flashgc and it's options

flashgc usage:
	./flashgc [options]
	--help				Print this help message and exit.
	--cid <cid>			Read CID from file <cid>.
	--backupfile <file>		Specify a path and file for the backup.
	--restore <backup image>	Restore backup image to sd-card.
	--dumpgc			Dump gold-card image to a file.

Note Running flashgc without options will generate and install the goldcard image to your sdcard and creade a backup file of the first 512bit of the sdcard in your current directory that is called sdcardMbr-backup.img.

So make sure that you either run flashgc from a directory like /data/local/tmp or specify the --backupfile option.

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